Enhance Your Beauty With Eyebrow Feathering

A woman loves beauty and loves to look beautiful and to look beautiful they try anything and everything they could. Since the old days, women find ways to wear makeup. Jewelry is something that can easily make but make is different but together when a woman wears them, they both give them a heavenly look to the eye of the viewer. In old days women use to makeup with natural things but nowadays natural makeup is nowhere to be seen and if we see it economically, we know that not everyone can afford natural makeup in this expensive fashion world today. Artificial makeup is what everyone is crazy about from the top end to the bottom end of society.  

There is a new type of makeup introduced in the market by the name of permanent makeup. This unlike other make will not be removed by a simple makeup cleanser. By the word permanent you can easily understand the nature of this kind of makeup. These makes are cannot be removed and will not fade away. Women are moving towards this type as they have the hunger to look their best around the clock.  

One of the things in permanent makeup is eyebrow feathering. Now what is eyebrow feathering and how do beauticians do them? Well, we know that it is a type of permanent makeup. Women with less knowledge of makeup often confuse it with shaping an eyebrow like a feather. That is also done as women today loves to experiment continuously with their eyebrows, hairs, nails and what not. But eyebrow feathering in Bondi is something different and is also known as micro-feathering. There are two types of permanent eyebrow shaping. One is Micro-feathering and the other is micro-blading. They both are related to eyebrows but the procedure and tool to do them are different. Micro-blading is like tattooing of your eyebrows that is done on the second layer of your eyebrow skin and Micro-feathering is done on the surface of the skin. The real tattooing is also done, and it will not fade away. We know that tattoo ink is used to with eyebrow the fuller look and obviously, ink goes inside the skin.  Micro-blading stays maximum up to a year, but the touching after every six months will do the work for you. As compare to tattooing and micro-blading, Micro-feathering is for those who already have thicker eyebrows but to give it a natural shape and lush look it is done on the surface of the top skin with slight light colouring. Beauticians are learning these techniques as it is getting more and more common with each passing day and every woman tries every new thing in the market. Especially if it is experimented by a celebrity.