What Beauty Treatments Can Be Harmful For Your Health?

As females all of us want to look our best and have the ultimate hair and the figure of a fashion star. “It’s just a beauty treatment. What could possibly go wrong?” is how most of us think when using cosmetics and all sorts of beauty enhancing techniques available today. But there are certain beauty treatments that can be downright dangerous and could cause a lot of damage to your health. There are reported incidents of deaths due to chemical allergies and other careless and frequent practices of certain beauty products and techniques. This article is about a few such beauty treatments that can be possibly dangerous to your health and well being.

Sun beds

Getting a tanned and a golden skin is the goal of many light skinned ladies. But there are a number of health issues related to sun beds, cancer being on the top of the list. Just as smoking and asbestos, direct sunlight also exposes you to the risk of cancer. Therefore make sure you don’t spend excessive time on sun beds. And a more risk free method will be getting a spray on tan.

Botox and fat reduction

Wrinkles on the forehead are removed using Botox by paralyzing the forehead muscles. This could be harmful as sometimes these can drop down to your eyes and cause serious damage. Also fat removal by way of surgeries can cause embolism, infections and skin necrosis. A better method of fat removal and amazing body contouring will be non surgical liposuction which can minimize the above effects. Very rarely the use of Botox could be fatal like an instance where it could get injected to a vital organ, paralyzing its muscles.

Use of laser beams

Laser beams are used for many beauty enhancing practices but the frequent use of laser can be very harmful to health which could even be cancerous. Laser beams are used in hair removal as well as safe non surgical liposuction in Sydney. If too much treatment is done on the skin there could be a threat of blisters which could lead to skin infections. There are instruments of hair removal that can be used at home by anybody which are also approved by health authorities. But it is important to know that too much of anything could be dangerous to health.

Manicure/ pedicure

Yes, what harm can a manicure or a pedicure can possibly do to my health is the first thing that will come to your mind. But there are certain risk factors associated with them as well. Certain nail polish that is being used in the salons can be toxic and also the tools that rare being used for manicuring may not be properly cleaned. These tools can spread infection from one person to another. So make sure you make an early appointment at the salon or go to a well recognized place to get your beauty treatments done.